"My images look great!"


"Thank you Andrew. My images look great!  

This photo shoot was a very good experience for me, on a number of levels.

You were very good at helping me relax and be very comfortable with this process; and your complimentary statements and lighthearted demeanor were quick to ease my hesitation and intimidation! 
Thanks again for the work.  It means a great deal to me."
-- Mark Afforde.
"Andrew did a series of head shots for me recently. I have to say upfront that I am not particularly comfortable in front of a camera, but Andrew put me at ease right away. 
After a good laugh together, we got started and I was really pleased to see how many of the shots I liked. I'm my own worst critic, but even I had many great shots to choose from. 
Andrew does a great job balancing direction with improvisation, he's patient and experimented with several different lighting set ups. The end results are several photos I'd be proud to show off anywhere!
-- Stephanie Bradshaw-Ball.

Pentax K-3

"I've always been nervous in front of a camera and felt that my pictures were always bad and didn't represent who I am. Andrew did a great job of preparing and relaxing me before and during the shoot. He was very professional and made me feel comfortable with a camera in front of me while trying a variety of shooting tactics.
The result was an amazing set of great photos of me. So much so that that it was actually hard to choose the ones I didn't want to keep. Thank you very much Andrew I'd do it again in a heart beat."
-- Jeremy Ball.