I first discovered my love of photography in high school when I was given an old Minolta 35mm camera.  I went out to the local drug store, loaded up on film and started shooting everything I could get my eyes on.  Sometimes I got good shots, sometimes I couldn't even tell what it was that I took a photo of; but hey, that's all part of the photographic process.

Since that time I have made the switch to digital and have continued to explore the world from behind the viewfinder and develop a sense for what appeals to me photographically.

I am a big lover of mother nature and the outdoors; and as such, I enjoy capturing landscape and travel imagery.  My true photographic passion, however, is capturing beautiful imagery of people and life's amazing moments.  

I am still continually amazed at how impossible it is to know everything about photography.  It's such a wonderful art form and I very much look forward to continuing to experiment, to learn new things, to make beautiful images with friends, family, and clients, and to further my understanding of light and shadow.

Thank you so much for taking an interest in my photography.  I hope someday we might find ourselves on opposite sides of a camera.  

-- Andrew Birklid